Sports Analytics Workshop
17th Jan, 2021

Registrations Closed

Sports Analytics Workshop
Registrations Closing - 17th Jan, 2021 06:00 PM

This session gave an insight of how itís like to be on the other side of the playing field. It began with an overview of the Industry and then shifted to Case Studies like ó Who is the best top order batsmen in the IPL? What happens if your best batsmen plays just 7 balls an innings? How do you deal with a goalkeeper who is very tall?

Our instructor, Mr. Gaurav Sundararaman, gave insights on a multitude of topics from his experience in the Sports Consulting field. In the past, Mr. Sundararaman has created strategies and solutions for the Indian Cricket Team and has also consulted the champion West Indies team for the World T20 2016. He had also represented RCB at the IPL Auction in 2015..

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