Live Interactive Session with IM Tania Sachdev
28th Mar, 2021

Registrations Closed

Live Interactive Session with IM Tania Sachdev
Registrations Closing - 28th Mar, 2021 11:59 PM

Aavhan, IIT Bombay is proud to announce a live interactive session with IM Tania Sachdev, an event which is energised by Red Bull India!

Tania Sachdev requires no introduction but for the uninformed, she is an International Master and one of the best chess players from India, and a successful chess commentator now. Her list of achievements is endless and you would certainly not want to miss this glorious opportunity of interacting with her and gain some invaluable insights from her about chess and some other aspects of life.

This session will be open to all people who have registered for the Aavhan Online Chess Tournament 2.0. So please register for the tournament and get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of interacting with IM Tania Sachdev. The session starts at 5 pm on 27th March.

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