Triviathon - Basketball

Published on 20th Dec, 2020
You pass alleys on your way, small houses having a makeshift rod and hoop, youngsters trying to dunk, a group of teenagers playing an intense match, a short 'Kobe' when they shoot. A lot of people having one thing in common, a passion to play, to play where few have played, to dunk where few have dunked, to pass amongst the best, from backboard shattering dunks to jaw-dropping plays.

To owe so much to one name is rare, but here comes James Naismith, the person who invented basketball, back in 1891. Make no mistake, the game today has evolved phenomenally from what it was back then, the biggest contrast being that baskets don't have bottoms now, and the ball falls down freely after going through the hoop. Or for that matter, dribbling, which players brag their skills about, wasn't allowed initially and was considered a foul!

Truly, basketball today is defined by the NBA League, which is the goliath of the game. Staying true to its reputation, the NBA tried to replicate the actual feeling by the concept of virtual fans- where viewers could join the live stream from their houses and watch their heroes play. Even though mainstream personalities like Barack Obama attended, and the NBA in an effort to be more inclusive, allowed players to print slogans on their jerseys, the ratings have kept declining post-lockdown.

Coming to Indian Basketball, the captain Vishesh Briguvanshi feels that a quasi-IPL format is needed to not only retain Indian players, while also to give them sufficient foreign exposure. He stated that the lockdown led to a setback of plans to actually conduct such a league and hopes that the plan is revamped soon. Intrigued enough? If not, do check out the Triviathon post on Aavhan's Instagram page, and keep dabbling in this gem of a sport!