Triviathon - Cricket

Published on 15th Nov, 2020
As India breached the Gabba fortress a few days ago, the internet was inundated with statistics of how no team had achieved that feat in the past 30 years. Now that one thinks of it, how many statistics of the game do we know? How many records go unnoticed in the everyday matches that form the basis for something bigger?

For example, while many know that Travis Birt hit 20 runs off a single delivery, how many know that the actual record is 286 runs off a delivery? In a time when batsmen could take more than 4 runs by running between the wickets, batsmen from Western Australia ran 286 runs as the ball got stuck in the branches of a tree, and wouldn't be suspended since it was clearly visible where it was stuck. Whether this is fact or fiction is a discussion similar to "Who scaled Mt Everest first?"-irresolvable owing to lack of eyewitnesses.

An interesting fact about the pitch is that its length has never been changed, it has been 22 yards long right since the inception of the game! Or that India became the first host nation to win the WC in 2011, and since then only host nations have won! Last WC ended up having a superover tie which was resolved by a controversial boundary count rule that caused uproar across the community, and thus eventually had to be modified.

There are so many facts about this gentleman's game, that it becomes difficult to link them together. With physically playing still not exactly mainstream yet, one can revel in facts and appreciate the enormity of the game! Do check out the Triviathon post on Cricket only on Aavhan's Instagram page! And don't forget to root for India as we battle to maintain the top spot in the World Test Championship against England in the upcoming series!