Triviathon - Football

Published on 05th Nov, 2020
No matter where you watch a football match, one thing never changes.

That one thing is the passion that everyone around the game contains for football. Regardless of what part of the world you are in, the passion for the sport remains the same. The same passion that is seen in homes across the world is seen at the stadium and on the pitch during each matchday.

Every major stadium in world football is packed each weekend with fans that would do anything for their club and players that would do the same. No other sport in the world can rival the passion during matches and in the week leading up to each match every week in world football.

So how did this sport take its place in the heart of millions of people? How did it evolve, slowly and sometimes painfully? Let us see from the beginning. That which formalised the rules of football, and materialised this into a formal sport, is the set of rules written by the English Football Association. As this involves players running in close proximity, violence is an integral part of this sport. On a fateful day in 1962, policemen had to intervene as the Italy versus Chile WC took a hostile turn. With bad blood strife in the players, the system of cards was introduced, Red and Yellow.

With a lot of minor changes added over the years, a notable mention here is the goal line technology, which determines whether a goal has indeed been made, that the ball has crossed the line. Although very successful, this has to be used wisely, with the cost of setting up and maintenance proving to be a costly affair for the authorities.

The recent pandemic has not spared the football community, as players are not allowed to celebrate in groups now, and substitutes need to practice strict social distancing. In money matters, the football world has seen a shift from the previous patterns, with matchday income falling tremendously and broadcasting revenues observing an equally sharp rise.

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